Does the Notification Tray work when notifications are handled through webhooks

For implementing notifications, we currently use Amity’s webhooks service. We would like to implement a Notification Tray page that displays the notifications. Currently, when sending requests to the notification tray API endpoint, we only get 200 responses with an empty array for the data. Is this due to the fact that we don’t directly use Amity’s notification service or is there something else that might be causing the issue? For context, we had the feature enabled for our account.

Hello, you should be able to implement webhook with our notification tray. However, after we checked, it seems like notification tray hasn’t been enabled for your network. Could you please submit the request to our support team: Jira Service Management

That’s strange, I already filled out the Jira form and was contacted that this feature was enabled.


Your notification tray has been enabled.

Please let us know if you have further questions or need any assistance.

Best regards,

Support Team

I’ll reach out through Jira again to get it enabled

The initial ticket was US-2515

The new reference is US-2526

The previous ticket was requested under the different email, so we didn’t know it was from you - let us check and will get back to you on the ticket: US-2526, thank you.