Error when building app

, I connected amity uikit using this documentation Android UIKit Installation Guide | Amity Docs

Today, 06/13/2024, when building the application, I began to receive this error:

Dependency 'androidx.core:core:1.15.0-alpha01' requires libraries and applications that
      depend on it to compile against version 35 or later of the
      Android APIs.

      :app is currently compiled against android-34.

      Also, the maximum recommended compile SDK version for Android Gradle
      plugin 8.1.1 is 34.

      Recommended action: Update this project's version of the Android Gradle
      plugin to one that supports 35, then update this project to use
      compileSdk of at least 35.

      Note that updating a library or application's compileSdk (which
      allows newer APIs to be used) can be done separately from updating
      targetSdk (which opts the app in to new runtime behavior) and
      minSdk (which determines which devices the app can be installed

While studying this problem, I found out that android.core:core: was updated on 12.06.2024 to version 1.15.0-alpha 01 (Recent Release Notes  |  Android Developers )

The problem is that addiction

com.github.AmityCo.Amity-Social-Cloud-SDK-Android:amity-sdk:6.33.1 uses a dependency com.github.AmityCo.Amity-Social-Cloud-SDK-Android:core-push:6.33.1 which has a dependency androidx.core:core:+ those at the end have a + sign, which means you need to pull the latest version of this dependency, and for this it pulls androidx.core:core:1.15.0-alpha01

Please fix this as soon as possible

Hello, thank you for reaching out to us. We will pass this to our team for further investigation and keep you posted on any updates.

Hello, we have released the fix, please update version to 6.33.2 - kindly let us know if you still experience the issue.

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The project is being built successfully!
Thank you very much

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