Flutter: Search post in any communitu


How to search post in any community by text?

Hi @maddy0028 ,

Please find info here Query Post - Amity Docs

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Amity Support

Hi @amitysupport Thanks for your reply.
My usecase is different. I am trying to search post by text used in post. Suppose we have a post “How to decrease BP?”, in a community. Now if I search for BP in this community, I should get this post.

Let me know how to achieve this.

Hi @amitysupport any update on above query?

Hi @maddy0028 ,

Apologies for the delayed response.

You can do that in console https://asc.amity.co/ (IMG ref below) in Posts.

Amity Support

Hi @amitysupport sorry for the confusion. I need to search post from flutter app not from Amity portal. So I need to pass some keyword and I am expecting to get all the post related to the keyword I have passed to Amity, from all the community user has already joined.

Please help.

Hello, we would recommend you to use our content search, please refer here: https://docs.amity.co/beta-features/content-search