Query a user's public post

Amity API: Amity API

In this API, we can fetch all posts in a community via community ID as a target id. Also, if i pass user id as target id, i can fetch all private post of a user.

However, Is there a way to filter only public posts of one user by user id from the whole posts of communities.
It would be tough for us to fetch all posts first and then filter the data using user id. This means we have to unnecessary fetch all the posts in the community which could be huge.

Hi @amit.tamrakar.numen ,

You can do so with content search feature Content Search - Amity Docs.

This needs to be enabled. It seems you’re not enabled yet and we’ve reached out to you by mail for more info, if enabled please let us know.

Thank you,
Amity Support

Hi Team,

I have tried calling this API via POSTMAN but the API is unreachable and an error showing 500 internal server errors is coming up. Is it not working since the content search feature is not enabled for us?

Yes, we’re enabling it for you, we will keep you posted on the email once it’s completed.