Getting Error while activating certificates

I have added distribution certificates, and trying to activate them. getting error. Not sure what is wrong here. Any help?

Hello, could you please double-check the certificate expiry date?

Expire date is dec 2023

Thank you, please help check the error code/msg in the network tab. Right click > inspect > network tab > response tab > to see the error msg there. Please see the reference screen below.

“Invalid parameter: Attributes Reason: You provided a certificate of type OTHER, which cannot be used to create an application of type iOS Production. Please select an application of type OTHER or provide a certificate of type iOS Production”

This is the error i am getting

Hello, could you please help confirm, if the certificates you uploaded both are p12 and production certificate?

Yes distribution certificate

There seems to be an issue when you generated the certificates - could you please precisely follow these steps:

hi team,
i am followed same steps

Hello, we have recently released our official guide for iOS certificate setup. You can find the detailed steps at: iOS Push Notification Certificate Setup - Amity Docs

If you still encounter the issue, please let us know.