Push notification on Flutter SDK

hello, we are developing an app in flutter , using the amity sdk. We are experiencing problems integrating push notifications within the app.
We have followed all the procedures given in the documentation. We have entered the push certificate from apple, generated from the developer account in .p12 format, we have set firebase cloud messaging to generate an FCM token within our app. Tested and working since we also have our own API to test sending push notifications.
We integrated the following code at the time we do the fcm token retrieval
AmityCoreClient.registerDeviceNotification( deviceIdFCM)
.then((value) => {
print( ‘amity fcm token ready’)
.onError((error, stackTrace) => {
print( ‘error in push notification for amity’) });
we set up the whole amity console. We don’t know what to do to make them work anymore, any help?

Hello, may I confirm whether it was working correctly before and is now experiencing issues, or if it has never worked?

Also, is this issue happening on both iOS and Android devices?

Hi, no it never worked before. We are trying everything but without success.
This issue is on both platform.

Could you please share which document did you follow?

Started from here: Push Notifications - Amity Docs and go on for all sub url’s

Can you share with me what is the good documentation to follow in order to implement the push notifications in our app?

Hello, can we please confirm a few things? Have you successfully registered the Amity Client object before registering the device notification? Additionally, are there any errors occurring during the upload of the .p12 certificate file?