Hash tag option

How to add hashtag and search from hashtags.

Hello, we recommend using our content search feature for searching hashtags. You can find detailed information in our documentation here: https://docs.amity.co/developers/beta-features/content-search.

How can we implement it using flutter

To add hashtags, you can include them when creating posts as usual. As for searching hashtags, this is a beta service provided through an API, and it is not included or related to any SDK.

can you mention the api here

Hello @princegoyal , You can find the API reference here: Content Search - Amity Docs

@amitysupport How can i get authToken to get access token, as i have only api key

@princegoyal To obtain an authToken that allows you to access your token, given that you already have an API key, you can follow the detailed instructions provided in the Amity documentation. Please refer to this section: Obtaining AuthToken.