How to create private (personal) post - Flutter

Below is a method to create image post. However below post can be seen by users that are following me. How do I create a private post for the current user, so that the post can only be seen by the current user and not any followers.

  Future<AmityPost> createMyImagePost(
    AmityImage uploadedImage,
  ) async {
    try {
      AmityPost post = await AmitySocialClient.newPostRepository()
      AppLogger.logInfo('createMyImagePost success: ${post.postId}');
      return post;
    } catch (exception) {
      AppLogger.logError('createMyImagePost error: ${exception.toString()}');

@danielkang98 Regarding your question on how to create a private (personal) post in Flutter, unfortunately, I have to inform you that we currently do not have the feature you are inquiring about.