Flutter: How to get all user's private post?

How will a moderator see a private post created by any user?

When you mention private posts, are you referring to posts in private communities?

Let me be more clear. Private post means the post user post to himself using below code:


This is just a code snippet for you reference.
I am creating moderator view. Where moderator can see all the public post available for any community, and, private post posted by any user of my app.

Please help me on this and provide me any document if available.


Hello, thank you for the clarification. So, that is user’s feed posts, if you wish to retrieve posts from user’s feed, apart from the method mentioned in the documentation Query Post - Amity Docs, the alternative option using our API is through this endpoint: Amity API bHowever, if you want to obtain posts for a list of users or all users, you may need to write a script to achieve that.