Is suitable for the purposes of our application?

We are making a web application for finding employees/employers. The application has 3 roles for users - Admin/Retailer/Candidate. I need to implement a page inside the application on which it will be possible to implement a messenger between users (user to user). So that the retailer can write to the candidate and so on. Could you please tell me if is suitable for our tasks?
Stack - Laravel 10, Vue 3

Hello, please let me clarify my understanding. So you want only retailers to create a chat with candidate, 1-1 chat? What’s about Admins, will they be able to create chat with candidate/retailer?


Ideally, any user of the application can create a dialogue with any other user not in their role. The problem is that doing everything according to the docs, I don’t understand how the chat should work if the functionality of subchannels isn’t supported on JS (as it is written in the docs). My stack on frontend - Vue 3. Also, therefore, I didn’t find a ready-made UI for Vue, only for React. Could you guide me in these matters so that I can better understand how to proceed with the implementation

Hello, to create a standard conversation channel between users, you can utilize the JS SDK. Subchannels are not necessary for regular conversations; they serve as channels within the main channel, essentially allowing users to discuss specific topics. If you wish to enable users to create topics or subchannels, the TS SDK would be the suitable choice.

Regarding the UI implementation, currently, we do not have a Vue component available. Therefore, you will need to develop the user interface on your own.