Issues with Channel creation

I’m using currently UI Kit v3.1 but I have seen this happening before as well.

I create a conversationa channel like this:

const newChannel = {
    displayName: displayName,
    tags: ["tag"],
    type: "conversation" as Amity.ChannelType,
    userIds: userIds,
    metadata: metadata,

  const { data: channel } = await ChannelRepository.createChannel(newChannel);


the channel is created twice, I don’t think I’m calling it twice but even if I do, based on the documentation it shouldn’t happen

“Conversation channel is unique based on its membership. When creating conversation, the system will check if a channel with the same membership already exists. If such channel already exists, the system will return the existing channel instead of creating a new one.”

channelId: 65b36b8a7a56ee9f834762df

contains members:
userId: LOCAL-d6fd6e0c-4d04-369d-1bba-3a105703aab6
userId: LOCAL-dce658e8-83cb-1434-777f-3a105702913c

channelId :65b36b8a6880ec13b1720b6b

userId: LOCAL-d6fd6e0c-4d04-369d-1bba-3a105703aab6
userId: LOCAL-dce658e8-83cb-1434-777f-3a105702913c

these are the same user but different channel are created

Issue 2:

I have created in Amity Console a test community channel but I have disabled it but every time I create a conversational channel between two users I also get this community channel in the channel list for the user, why? when it is deleted?


I don’t have any options to remove/delete it from the console, but in the API i see that it has isDeleted: true so I shouldn’t see this in the channels list inside the <AmityUiKitChat>

I see that the getChannels function has a param to filter the deleted channels but shouldn’t this be the default behavior inside <AmityUiKitChat> why would I want to see the deleted channels ? Or is there an option for <AmityUiKitChat> to filter this?

@lorandd Let me discuss this with my team, and I will notify you as soon as there is an update.

@lorandd Regarding your issue, we would like to know your server region for further investigation.

The api region is US

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Hey, any updates on this? Thanks

Hello @lorandd ,

Regarding your issue, we recommend you navigate to the file /Amity-Social-Cloud-UIKit-Web-OpenSource/src/chat/components/RecentChat/index.tsx in the UiKit. There, you should add isDeleted:false as shown in this example:

const { channels, hasMore, loadMore } = useChannelsCollection({
    membership: membershipFilter,
    sortBy: 'lastActivity',
    limit: 20,

This adjustment should help resolve the issue you’re facing. If you need further assistance or have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Ok thanks, and for the first issue? the duplicate channel creation ?

@lorandd I have passed this to the relevant team, and they are currently investigating issue 1 for you. I will inform you as soon as there is any progress.

Hello @lorandd , Following the issue you brought to our attention, I’m pleased to inform you that our team has successfully identified the root cause of the problem. We are actively working on a resolution and are committed to resolving this as quickly as possible.

We will keep you updated on our progress and notify you immediately once we have further developments to share.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for the update.

Hello @lorandd , We want to inform you that we have plans to release a fix for this issue as soon as possible within next week. However, if there are any changes or once the fix has been successfully deployed, I will let you know.

Hello @lorandd , We are pleased to inform you that the issue you reported has been addressed, and a solution has been successfully deployed.

Deployed where ? :slight_smile: Is this a backend fix? UI Kit Fix? SDK fix? do I need to do something in my code ? Thank you.

@lorandd For this issue, we’ve released a fix on our backend. You won’t need to make any updates on your end.