Lagging when Scroll

Greetings, in our application we have this issue :

In the news feed fragment, the scrolling experience within the post’s recycler view is notably sluggish and lacks smoothness. This problem arises when initially binding posts in the recycler view. While implementing recycler view caching for existing posts results smooth scrolling, the issue persists for newly added posts to the recycler adapter, causing lag when they appear.


Could you provide more details on your implementation along with the relevant code? I’m also interested to know if you’re using our UIKit. If so, could you please specify the versions of the SDK and UIKit you’re currently using?

Additionally, could you identify which feed or section is experiencing sluggish performance? A screen recording demonstrating the issue would be immensely helpful for us to better understand and address your concerns.

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I’m using AMITY UIKIT, the implementation is done as in Amity Docs,
used version 3.15.0 Vulcan.
only customized the theme and UI, then I added share and react functionality but when adding posts(video, images, poll, etc) I noticed lagging in the posts list when scrolling
as shown in video_1.
to make sure there is no mistake I do when adding our functionality I checked out the production version of UIKIT and run the app without editing any thing I noticed same lag as shown in video_2.

references :
Video _ 1:
Video _ 2 :

Best regards,
Mohammed Sinan

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Thank you for sharing this with us. We’ve forwarded it to our team, and we’ll investigate it. We’ll be in touch with our findings soon.

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Could you please clarify if this lagging issue is occurring on most of Android models or specific to particular ones? Also, could you share the model of your device with us? Thank you.

Certainly, we conducted tests on Amity Social within our News Feed on the following devices:

  1. Samsung S23 ULTRA (Android 13)
  2. Poco X5 PRO (Android 13)
  3. Devices running Android 10 and Android 12

Best Regards,
Mohammed Sinan

Hello @Mohammed_Sinan , Let me pass this to our team and will stay in touch with you for updates.

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Hi Amity,
Is there any new Update reagard the “Lagging when scroll” issue ?


Hello, our team is still working on this, aiming to release an enhancement in the upcoming release(around 1 week time). We will keep you posted once it’s out. Thank you :pray:

Hello, we have released the fix:
SDK - 6.25.2
UIKit - 3.15.1

Please let us know if you’re still facing the issue. Thank you.

Hello AmitySupport,

Thanks for sharing, I’ll update as soon as we upgrade both the UIKit and the SDK and test the App.


Hi Amity,

I’m pleased to inform you that we have successfully upgraded both the SDK and the UIKit. As a result, all the reported issues have been resolved. We appreciate the prompt responses and support.

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,
Mohammed Sinan

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