PostRepository.queryAllPosts delayed issue?

im wondering is there any cache system implemented in PostRepository.queryAllPosts? the post i just made doesn’t immediately available on next PostRepository.queryAllPosts request. is there any way to make it always up to date?

Hello, could you please help share the relevant code as well? Also, what is your current sdk/uikit version and which feed are you referring to?

it’s an embedded social app from amity github GitHub - AmityCo/Amity-Social-Cloud-UIKit-Web-OpenSource: Amity Social Cloud offers Chat and Social SDKs to streamline app development. Dive into our UI Kits and sample apps in our repositories to spark your creativity. To learn more, visit

using @amityco/js-sdk: ^5.31.0

feeds on Recommended Studies. i see it’s using PostRepository.queryAllPosts so i mentioned it

Our query post doesn’t have the cache. To check this further, our support team will reach out to you on email to gather more detail. Thank you.