Limiting users access to other users


I was wondering if there is a role in which we can limit users to reach out/chat to other users.

I will explain. We are building an app In which the main user would like to chat with their customers, but we wouldn’t like that main users could reach out to other main users’ customers.

I would rather do this by configuration than by code.

If you have any suggestions it is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Hello , @andkal Let me pass to check with my team and i’ll back to you soon.


It’s unfortunate that we currently don’t have a feature that allows limiting users’ access to other users without coding. However, if you wish to achieve this , we recommend two approaches:

  1. Create a custom role for special users and implement the logic at the frontend.
  2. You can submit a feature request through this link: Jira Service Management

Best Regard

Support Team