Lose realtime connection in channel

getting [Error: Amity SDK (800000): Connection closed]

502 Bad Gateway

502 Bad Gateway

in react native when staying in
useEffect(() => {
const msgSub = MessageRepository.getMessages(
{subChannelId: channel.channelId, limit: 18, type: ‘text’},
({data, …metadata}) => {

    if (!metadata.loading) {
      setMessages(data as Amity.Message<'text'>[]);
    setHasNextPage(metadata.hasNextPage ?? false);

    if (metadata.onNextPage) {
      onNextPage.current = metadata.onNextPage;

// console.log(msgSub);

return () => {

}, [channel.channelId]);

Hello, does this issue occur frequently, or only occasionally? Could you also let me know your current SDK version, please?

i started integratin sdk today, so its latest version. in start it was working and occasionally this hapened. assumtion it maybe related with turning off unread feature. but it’s hapening even if i turned it off

@amitysupport can i provide some more information to solve issue?

Hello @javoxir , Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. To further investigate and address the matter effectively, we kindly request additional information from your end.

We will reach out to you via email shortly. Kindly check your inbox and provide the necessary details to assist us in resolving the issue promptly.