Markers messages bad gateway


We are getting error 502 on some internal api that is being called when using react native library:

GET [502]
http.query: messageIds[]=65c10b6647963038b634b1c3, 
reason: bad gateway, 
request_body_size: 0, 
response_body_size: 0

Hello, could you kindly provide more specific information regarding the function or line of code that triggered the 502 error? Also, your current sdk function, please?

Hi, is being called internally by the library, not sure where

Understood, may we know your current sdk version, please? we will do further investigation on our side. Also, does it cause any issues on the app performance side, any crashes?

We are using:

"@amityco/ts-sdk-react-native": "6.16.0",

The app is not crashing. I’ll let u know if i notice any perf issues

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