Message Sending Status

Hello again, I use this docs for show the message list, it’s working great and it’s listening for incoming message too.
But I want to show the message status, like single tick, double tick and double tick colored if message has been readed. You know what I mean right?
How I achieve that feature from flutter sdk? Would you guide me?

Thank you

Hello @AmityAsk , Regarding your question, I would like to suggest the following:

1. Send Status:
You can implement this on your front end. When a message is created, the SDK will return a status. If the status is ‘success’, you can update the UI to show that the message has been sent successfully.

2. Message Delivery Status:
This feature is not currently available for Flutter. We will notify the relevant team to consider it for future development of our product.

For Message Delivery Status, can I implement it from API, Is there an API for that feature?

@AmityAsk We do not recommend implementing Message Delivery Status from the API. We have forwarded your request to the relevant team. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

@amitysupport Can you explain why it is not recommended? So I can forward it to my team.

Hello @AmityAsk, the API can be utilized, but please be aware that it does not support real-time updates. This limitation means that performance may not be as optimal as it would be with Flutter support. Therefore, the best solution for message sending status, as we recommended earlier, is to proceed with frontend customization.

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