Missing amity-log artifact in jitpack

Hi our recent Bitrise builds are failing, after short investigation we found out that some artifacts included in amity-sdk from jitpack are missing. I mean this specific one https://jitpack.io/com/github/AmityCo/Amity-Social-Cloud-SDK-Android/amity-log/6.16.1/amity-log-6.16.1.pom

Hello, thank you for reaching out. Let us pass this to our team to further check, will keep you informed.

Hello, it should be available now. Please help check :slight_smile:

Hi, amity-log is working now! :grinning: but now we have problem resolving com.github.AmityCo.Amity-Social-Cloud-SDK-Android:amity-push-fcm:6.11.0 :neutral_face:

Hello, may I please confirm if everything is functioning correctly now? or are you still facing the issue :slight_smile:

Hi @amitysupport it was working fine, but again we are struggling with dependency https://jitpack.io/com/github/AmityCo/Amity-Social-Cloud-SDK-Android/amity-log/6.16.1/amity-log-6.16.1.pom :frowning:

Hello, let me pass to the team to check on this.

Hello, our team has applied the solution, could you retest it, please?

its working again, thank you

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@amitysupport its not working again :neutral_face: why is this happening? Its blocking our CI every few weeks.

Hello @m445 I apologize once again for the recurring issue, which was on the Jitpack side. Our team has implemented a solution to prevent this. Could you please retest it? Thank you! :pray::blush:

its working again, thanks!

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