On Amity's Release Notes, what's Javascript UIKit vs JS UIKit?

On Amity’s Release Page:

There’s changes shown for all the SDKs, and there’s changes shown for all the UIKits.

I use the Web UIKit:
AmityCo/Amity-Social-Cloud-UIKit-Web-OpenSource: Amity Social Cloud offers Chat and Social SDKs to streamline app development. Dive into our UI Kits and sample apps in our repositories to spark your creativity. To learn more, visit amity.co. (github.com)
What is this one called on Amity’s Release Notes? Is it called “Javascript UIKit”, or “JS UIKit”? What’s the difference between those 2?

And also, is there a reason why JS/Javascript UIKit haven’t been updated for a few months, but Android UIKit and iOS UIKit have?

Hello, “Javascript UIKit” and “JS UIKit” are essentially the same thing. The reason why we haven’t updated JS/Javascript UIKit for a few months, while Android UIKit and iOS UIKit have been updated, is that we’ve introduced significant changes to the iOS and Android SDKs. Consequently, we need to ensure that their UIKit is compatible with these changes.