Package Manager

Is it possible to integrate the chat SDK without a package manager?

Hello @Bob ,

Could you clarify for which stack are you interested to work without a package manager?


Hello Julien,

thank you for your quick reply.

Here the request from a customer:

We would like to try out the Amity Chat SDK to see if it’s a fit for our company use case. We don’t use a package manager however.
Is there a possibility to integrate the chat without a package manager?
On the developer docs, I read that i should contact [] with this question, but I get a message that this email is not in use when I try to send my email.

Is this for: web, ios or android?

Web SDK. They’re looking to integrate it with Codeigniter (PHP framework) project

So they would need a umd build of the sdk to run on client side, is that correct?