Posting in Offline mode

Hi Amity,

I hope this message finds you well. I have a query regarding posting on the platform. Is it feasible to compose a post while offline, attach any necessary files, and then, upon reconnecting to the Wi-Fi, have the post automatically uploaded? Alternatively, could you provide insights into the system’s behavior when attempting to post while offline?

I appreciate your assistance in clarifying this matter.

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Mohammed Sinan

Hello @Mohammed_Sinan , Let me pass this to our team and will stay in touch with you for updates.

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Hi Amity,

Is there any update regarding this question ?

Mohammed Sinan.

Hello @Mohammed_Sinan by our current design, post/file uploading will be stopped and you will have to re-upload the file again.

Hi Amity,

While in offline mode, am I able to view cached posts? Additionally, does the app have a caching system that stores some posts on the user’s device, allowing them to access these cached posts when they open the app offline?


Let me elaborate further on the scenarios:

  1. If the file or image upload was unsuccessful, and you’re offline, you’ll need to re-upload them. However, your text will remain intact and won’t disappear.
  2. If the file or image was successfully uploaded, they will still be available in the post. When you’re back online, you can simply press post.

Note: The behaviours have been observed using our UIKit.

Ok;Sounds good,
But i want to know am I able to view posts while I don’t have a connection to the network ?
Is there any cache system ?


@Mohammed_Sinan Yes, you can view cached posts even when you don’t have an active network connection. Our system stores cached data, allowing you to access posts offline.

This is amazing,

Is it possible for our developer to manually enforce the caching of specific posts,and how to do that,
or is it done automatically and we can’t control it?


@Mohammed_Sinan Regarding the ability to manually enforce the caching of specific posts, it’s not likely possible. The process is done automatically, and we can’t control it.