Query the most liked and most commented posts

Hi there,

I want to implement a feature in our back-end side to query the most liked, commented posts through Amity’s API.

I only see these options for sorting the query of a post: ‘lastCreated’, and ‘firstCreated’.

By any chance, is there any way to query the posts of a community based on the most liked and commented post?


The only solution that I found is Content Search - Amity Docs.
Am I right? Do you have any other suggestions?

Oh, I just realized that the “Content Search” feature only searches between posts of one user.
I need to search between the whole community’s posts.

Hello, are you referring to sorting posts in a community feed? If so, we’ve got sorting options available when you query posts, using sortBy: Query Post - Amity Docs Currently, this is the only sorting option we have on sdk.