Query All Recent Posts

Hi, I’m looking to have a recent feed in my web app that shows all the recent posts across the application, regardless of whether the user follows the accounts or not (think Twitter default home page, where all posts are sorted by latest).

I noticed in the documentation of course there is the getGlobalFeed, but I’m not getting any results returned from the following query, and I saw in other answers in this forum that the user has to be following the communities to get all posts in the global feed:

const globalFeed = PostRepository.queryAllPosts({
      useCustomRanking: false,
    globalFeed.once('dataUpdated', (posts: SetStateAction<never[]>) => {
      console.log('All posts', posts);

How can I query all posts, sorted chronologically, from everyone in my app?

Hello, based on our design, in order to have your posts displayed on the global feed, you will need to join communities or follow other users.

Regarding the sorting of the global feed, to change this to a chronological sorting order, please reach out to our support team at support.asc@amity.co to submit a request.

Please let us know if you have further questions, thank you.