Required type script SDK support for Expo web

Required type script SDK support for Expo web

Hi @harshit Could you please share what was the error/issue you have faced when you integrated our sdk with the Expo? I will pass to the team to double check on this.

Yes expo in web mode is crashing when calling connectClient function

Please see our Expo sample project here GitHub - topAmity/amity-react-native-test-expo

I was able to send text message , receive text and image message but not able to upload images from expo web getting error in this code formData.getParts(‘files’) that getparts not defined error and even I have setup polyfill but still not working which was worked on react native but for expo not worked

Does it work on expo mobiles? or you’re only implementing expo web?

I have only implemented for expo web and I have used in react native cli based mobile app in which It is working for mobile

GitHub - topAmity/amity-react-native-test-expo

We’re using the code in this repo that we have provided and do not face that error when uploading files. Could this be an issue on your end?

it is not working with expo image picker it is only working with input tag with files type

Hi @harshit understood and thank you for sharing, we will pass this to the relevant team for future improvement :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks update me once it’s updated