Search Content API Issue on iOS

Dear Amity,

I hope this message finds you well. We are currently encountering an issue related to the search content API, specifically on iOS devices.

Here are the steps where the problem is occurring:

  1. When posting a post that includes a hashtag.
  2. Pressing the hashtag triggers the Amity API to send a response with all the post IDs related to that hashtag.
  3. The problem arises at this point - when the API responds with the post IDs, we are unable to request the post details using these IDs. Interestingly, the Android platform is functioning correctly, allowing us to request posts by their respective IDs.

References :

  • We are using :
    Amity SDK - 6.25.2
    Amity UIKit - 3.15.1

We appreciate your attention to this matter.

Best regards,
Mohammed Sinan

Hello, unfortunately, iOS does not support retrieving posts by a list of post IDs. We recommend using our API for this use case: Amity API this will ensure that both platforms work the same. This will ensure consistency across both platforms.