Trying to test content search -> Internal Server Error

hello amity,
we were trying to use content search to retrieve all posts containing “test” put request failed
I’m getting an access token from my Android app as in this URL User Token Management - Amity Docs
and put it in the header of the request as shown.
any ideas and is this API implemented in sdk?

Hello @mousa103 , Regarding your issue, we kindly ask you to remove the “<” symbol from the Authorization field below.

I’m tried in many ways, tried to send token in headers like these (Bearer, Bearer {{token}})
and tried from authorization tap these ways as shown in image.
if you have a request as a templet in Json file please send it to try.

Hello, using Bearer Token should be the correct one. For your token, could you please try remove this part and try again.

Screenshot 2567-02-05 at 13.37.37

If it still doesn’t work, please send the complete curl/request to our support email: so that our team can investigate. Thank you.