Sharing posts

can I share post I already make?

Hello, sharing existing posts is not currently available in our core product. However, you can implement a workaround using the following guide: Technical FAQ - Amity Docs

Hello @amitysupport. I’ve implemented sharing feature using your suggested workaround and now I want to show, under each post, number of times it was shared. Each post has sharedCount field, but what exactly does it count? I thought maybe it would count number of times each post is mentioned in someone’s else post in metadata as originalPostId but it seems that it’s not the case.

Hi @denys_danyliuk, since you’ve followed our workaround, the post object isn’t directly updated. To display the share post count, we suggest storing sharedpostCount in the original post’s metadata. You can then increment the number when the post is successfully shared.

Hello why the share count doesn’t work?

and How can it work ?

sharedpostCount wasn’t designed for the workaround solution as previously explained. Since you’re implementing the workaround, please adhere to the recommendation above regarding post count.