Unread Count is getting wrong

Sorry we cant replace the entire code at that moment, we have already done changes and work accordingly our app requirement, we need to find some other way to resolve this issue.
Can you please assist your team to schedule a session for accessing our system remotely for fix this issue.

Hello @vibhorMaheshwari, the project we’ve shared is specifically for checking the relevant portion, not for replacing the entire codebase.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer that kind of service. However, if you send us your project, we’ll be happy to help with the inspection.

To submit your project, please reach out to us via our support email at support.asc@amity.co.

Thank you for your cooperation.

we have shared our project via email (raj3globaltechnosys@gmail.com), please inspect what we are missing?
Also please keep in mind that we have made changes accordingly our app requirement.

@vibhorMaheshwari We have received your email. Thank you for the information you provided. We will forward it to the relevant team for further review.

any update on this?
we are looking for solution from very long time
please look in this and provide solution ASAP.

@vibhorMaheshwari We have reviewed the project you sent us and have emailed it back to you at raj3globaltechnosys@gmail.com on April 22, 2024, at 9:57 PM GMT. Could you please confirm whether you have received the email?"