Video , File and Image

I have a users and every user have an experience , education etc …
and those every one of them have a file or video or image .
so I want to assign them to my user and want to upload video to got it in the UserFeed .
Can anyone Help me ? or told me what should I do ?

Hello @hossam , To help you better, could you please give us more details about your situation? Also, let us know which of our services you’re using, on which platform, and the version number. This information will allow us to understand and assist you more effectively.

Hi , I used API Service to link it with my backend laravel

Hello @hossam ,To ensure we fully understand your requirements and provide the most accurate guidance, could you please provide a more detailed description of your use case? This additional information will help us in assessing your needs more precisely and offering tailored advice.

Okay ,
I have a user that have Education with file , experience with file , reference check with file and so on .
and user avatar .
so how can assign the file for every education and every experience to the user that can help me to when return the user i found the experience file and education file and avatar file or image .
and I have a video reels for every user so how can assign the video to the use so I can get it in the reels

So, would you like to post those files on their feed? or just to @mention them in posts that contain files? Do these files need to be secured, so only you and the assigned user can view them?

To understand how the feed works, here are our feeds’ concepts:

  • User Feed: provides a collection of posts that are curated for a user’s timeline. This feed is tailored to the individual user, providing relevant post that they generated.

  • Community Feed: on the other hand, is a collection of posts generated by members of a particular community. This feed allows users to stay connected and engaged with other members of their community, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experience.

  • Global Feed: aggregates both User and Community feeds, providing a comprehensive view of all relevant content in the user’s network. This feed ensures that users can stay up-to-date with all the latest content and conversations in their network, promoting engagement and participation in the community.

For more info you can visit this link:

Yes , So I want to know How can the videos I already uploaded it assign to the user so that can I reach them after and to watch them on the feed

We don’t have an “assign” feature, but if you intended to post on that user’s feed or mention them in a post, those options are available.

How can post our videos or our images or our audio

Please refer here: Amity API