Does Amity support multi-tenant systems or have a work around for multi-tenant?

Hello @zmcvicker , Amity supports a multi-tenant system, and there is a workaround that can be applied. For instance, you can create multiple applications within Amity. However, users in each application cannot cross over to other applications. This means that each application has its own set of data and content, and users cannot view content from other applications.

Please provide us with more details about your specific Use Case or how you intend to use the system. This will help us offer more tailored recommendations based on your requirements.

Thank you for your reply. Our mobile/web app ed-tech and employee engagement platform is deployed within separate and independent businesses serving multiple industries. We create separate instances for each client. We have a meeting scheduled with your sales team for the morning of Wednesday, Jan 24th.

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Tech Requirements for Multi-Tenant Social Feed System**

  1. Organizational Structure:
  • Groups: Represent business organizations.
  • Sites: Nested within groups, represent specific business locations.
  1. Newsfeed Management:
  • Group Newsfeeds: Each group (organization) owns a central newsfeed.
  • Site Newsfeeds: Within each group, individual sites have their separate newsfeeds.
  1. User Access and Posting Rights:
  • Users are associated with a specific site.
  • By default, users have access to their site’s newsfeed, where they can view and post content.
  • Users can post to the group’s central newsfeed.
  • Users have the option to post to newsfeeds of other sites within their group.
  • There are three posting options for users: a. Post to their assigned site’s newsfeed. b. Post to multiple sites’ newsfeeds simultaneously. c. Post to the group-wide newsfeed.
  1. Security and Data Segregation:
  • It’s critical to maintain strict segregation of groups (organizations).
  • Users from one group should not have access to the newsfeeds of another group.
  • Ensure robust security measures to keep each group’s data and interactions confined within that group, including all user posts and newsfeeds.

This configuration aims to provide flexibility for users in terms of where they can post, while ensuring strong security and data segregation between different business organizations (groups). The system should enable seamless interaction within a group and its sites, but maintain strict boundaries between different groups.

Hello, as suggested, you can create an application for each group to ensure that each group has its own central newsfeed (global feed), as you requested in #2.

Within each application, there will be feeds, and you can refer to the feed concept below:

  • User Feed: provides a collection of posts that are curated for a user’s timeline. This feed is tailored to the individual user, providing relevant post that they generated.

  • Community Feed: on the other hand, is a collection of posts generated by members of a particular community. This feed allows users to stay connected and engaged with other members of their community, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experience.

  • Global Feed: aggregates both User and Community feeds, providing a comprehensive view of all relevant content in the user’s network. This feed ensures that users can stay up-to-date with all the latest content and conversations in their network, promoting engagement and participation in the community.

For in-depth details and specific use cases, we recommend discussing them with our team during the scheduled call, as your colleague has already mentioned that a call has been arranged.

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