Where can I get the admin key?

I want to do admin operation from my backend (ie. close channel) but I’m not sure where to get the admin key.

Here it says that I can get my admin key by generating it from Amity admin setting, but I couldn’t find it.

I can only find this in my setting (https://asc.amity.co/settings?region=sg):

Hi @wzulfikar ,thank you for your inquiry. Our team is checking the information and update you soon.

Hi @wzulfikar - you need to create new admin user and use that one - super-admin is not allowed to use the key for security reason

I created a new admin user but still not sure how to generate the admin key. The pen button will open the edit admin modal and the key button will open edit password modal. Nothing related to admin key generation.

Edit admin and edit password modal:

Once you log in with non-root account you should be able to see a gear icon with access token menu:

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I see. Missed the part where I had to login with the new admin user. Thanks!