Automatic generation of admin tokens

Hi, I can see in the Amity API documentation that there are APIs to generate/retrieve admin tokens

GET and POST /admin/v1/token

However all documentation refers to being forced to use the UI to manage admin access tokens
Is it possible to use this API? I can see that the portal relies on these, but when I try to utilise them with the secure key for an app it is rejected

My use-case involves creating many apps, and I would prefer not to have to manually setup a separate token on top of the api keys, or at least to have some automatic way of checking when my token is going to expire so it is easy to manage replacement of these tokens

Is there anything I can do beyond just manually heading to the console for each app and writing down the expiry date myself?

Hello, currently, we recommend checking and verifying the expiry date of the admin token through the console. The mentioned API is not sufficient for this purpose at the moment.

@mark @amitysupport is it still not possible to get admin token from the api?

Hi @muhammad.nasir.ext, yes, unfortunately, the only available option is to go to console.