About Chat

Hello Amity ,
How can make chat 1:1 using API service and How can make chat groups with many to many people and get the online people and people that I chat with them

You can utilise the create channel API: Amity API and change the channel type to suit your requirement.

Please refer to this section for more channel information: https://docs.amity.co/amity-sdk/chat/channels#channel-types

Hello I read it but i found that if I want to make 1:1 chat I need to use conversation channel but I found that I can’t create it using API and can’t add member once I create this channel so If i want to make conversation with someone not in my channel that I want to create new channel ?
and if I want to ban user I chat with him how can make it ?

and please If I used conversation channel that mean that I don’t need to create subchannel?
so If user have 1:1 chat and have groups chat How can make it in the same channel

I used API Service so how can make it ?