About Conversation Chat

If I want to make chat 1:1 to another person or create group ,So if i want to make it i need for every person to create channel? and for every group to create channel ?

and How can get every chat for every person if I create channel for every one ?

Hello, If one person creates a channel, it should automatically create for the other person or people in the group as well.

To query channels, you can utilize this API: Channel API. You can filter by these values: all, member, notMember, flagged.

No I need that If i want to chat with user A i create channel with user A and if I want to chat with user B I need to create channel with user B?

Yes, that’s how our API works. You can initiate a chat with the person you want to communicate with, and they won’t need to create a channel separately.

Conversation type:

Users can start conversations with any other user and only they will be able to see their conversation.

Each channel has its own list of members, and no two channels can have the exact same member list. If someone tries to create a new channel with the same set of members as an existing channel, the system will return the existing channel.

So if the user make conversation channel with me How can get the channels that I already been make and the conversation between me and others ?

You can use this API to query channels: Amity API, please see the detail and available fields in the docs.

  "userIds": [
  "isDistinct": true,
  "displayName": "Super",
  "avatarFileId": "string",
  "metadata": {},
  "tags": [

So what displayName and avatarFileId used for ?
I think the conversation chat should be the avatar of the one I chat with him ?

Our API offers all available data, allowing you to decide whether to integrate it into your system based on your specific needs and user interface requirements. Feel free to utilize it according to your preferences, enhancing your application’s functionality to its maximum potential.