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When get my posts
and I have many posts every posts have many photo and etc .
but i found files that have all things so please can you help me how can know every file related to specific post

Could you please clarify what you meant by “i found files that have all things” ? If possible, sharing a screenshot or a detailed description of these files would greatly assist us in understanding your situation. Thank you.

I have more than one post and every post might have multiple photos or have one video ,when I get my reels I have response that returns from your API that have posts and postchildren and files

and I can’t know which file related to my post
So please can help me to know this ?

It appears that the endpoint you mentioned, get-my-reels, might be a custom development on your part, as it is not listed in our API docs: https://api-docs.amity.co

Nonetheless, for accessing related files, video and images associated with a specific post, you can use the following API: Amity API.