Backend admin panel

when I enter in the admin panel, not see all channels created. There are a place in admin panel to see all channels created?
For create channnels we use API throw a user admin token. But also open admin panel with that user we don’t see all channels. Why?

Hello, what type of channels did you created via api?

you means the type field?

The standard type has been deprecated.

As stated in our documentation at Channels - Amity Docs, we currently offer only four available channel types. We recommend using one of the other available channel types and also suggest utilizing the v3 API at Amity API instead.

when I create channels with api v2/channel and et type=community i receive

    "status": "error",
    "message": "Parameters validation error!",
    "code": 500000,
    "data": {
        "detail": [
            "The 'type' field does not match any of the allowed values."

i can put just “standard”

with v3 version it works fine

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Thank you for the update, glad it’s working now.

As v2 only accepts standard and it has been deprecated - we will update our docs accordingly.