Cannot view post list page by click from post column in the community page [Admin]

Hello Amity,

We want to check the posts inside a community by click the link ( number ) on the column post in the community view list page.

it might be how we create the community post via rest API here is our data passing when creating community post

    return this.create({
      postId: `${contentPostId}-${communityId}`,
      data: {
        text: contentPostId, // link to main post
      metadata: {
      targetId: communityId,
      targetType: 'community',

creating the post is successful but on the amity admin side, we can not view these posts as mention above

here is the result of the error

It shows a blank page with some ReactJS error on the devtool.

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Hello @jing ,

Please contact to for a personalised follow-up of this particular issue since we’ll need to investigate on your account to determine the reason of this bug.

As i can see from your screenshot, the community ID seems incorrect since the response status for fetching the community answers a 404. There may be some clues in that direction.

On a side note, please be reminded that the rest API is not to be used in production for most of general cases and we usually do not offer support for it unless discussed otherwise with our sales department.