Changing "default permission" on "Channel Creation" for Chat SDK

Hi there,

I would like find out the following point:

How to lock the channel-creation permission for only admins?

  • So, only admin can create channels on Chat SDK.

I copy-paste the message I got from developer.

Everyone can create channels. First of all we only want to have channels for specific games, and we want to control lifetime of those channels. I looked through entire documentation, and maybe I missed something but I don’t see any way to lock creation of channels even using roles, the channel creation seems like a default permission.
System like this would be okay if we would be building app like Discord, where users can create servers as much as they want, but for our needs this is not a good solution.
I dug through entire docs and admin dashboard and I couldn’t find a single thing about locking access to channel creation in any way. So please write to the support of Chat SDK and ask them if there is option like this

Thanks in advance!

There are two potential solutions for this:

1: Hiding the Channel Creation Button on the Front End

This is a simpler method where you can modify the user interface to hide or disable the channel creation button. This approach is straightforward and can be effective for casual users. However, it has a significant limitation:

  • Security Concern: Even if the button is hidden on the frontend, tech-savvy users might still be able to create channels using the API directly. This means that while the option may not be visible in the user interface, it’s not truly restricted at the system level.

2: Using the Pre-Hook Event Feature in Amity Social Cloud Max Package

If you are using the Amity Social Cloud Max package, a more robust solution is available through the Pre-Hook Event feature. This feature allows you to set up custom rules and control various aspects of your application, including channel creation.

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