Chat in react native cli

can i use this sdk with react native cli to implement chat feature

Hello @joshua , Regarding the question you asked, it’s important to note that the JS SDK is nearing deprecation. Therefore, we advise you to utilize the @amityco/ts-sdk-react-native - npm for your implementation needs.

thank you now i manage to link to amity and create user

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now i got this problem when i click a function to login user in first click it gives me error which say unsupported environment but when a click again it does what am expected to get …what could be the problem

Hello, could you please share the screenshot/full error as well? If possible screen recoding would be great.

I will soon…but I have another question I create channel it’s subchannel and I create message…my question is there is any possibility to see those I create in dashboard??

Hello @joshua, per current console design, sub-channels are not available on Amity console (