Conversation statistic

Hello community!

Is there any way to read metrics about the conversations, sent messages/day or something?
In our application we are creating E2E crypted “conversation” channels but in that case we have no tools to check in them. We have informations about our MAU’s but it would be good to see some stats about the conversation count, messages and others - only for statistics.

We can develop it manually in our application but I had to ask it before we make any steps in it.

Hello @remote44 , Are you referring to the total number of messages in a channel? If yes, you can view this information in the console under Channel Management > Messages.

Hello @amitysupport !
Thanks for the answer.

We actually wants different statistics for the developers, such as:
How many users are registered, users were active, how many messages are sent per day, how many channels are created per day, etc.

Since conversations are created as “conversation” type within the SDK, we do not have access to any data in the console.

Also, I did not found an endpoint for those stats what are visible in the console (Rest API)

We can implement these metrics manually - but would be better to get these stats from your databse if possible.

Hello @remote44 , To address the issues you’re facing, we advise implementing a webhook to capture and store data directly in your database. Subsequently, you can query this data as needed for your operations.

For further details on implementing webhooks, please visit: Webhook Events - Amity Docs