Creating Bulk User from back-end

Hi @amitysupport ,

I have a scenario where I need to create users from the backend API. I don’t see any endpoint to create bulk account from the back-end. There is only one endpoint Amity API that use to login and create user. Let say I have to create 10,000 users from the back-end service then I will be calling this endpoint 10,000 times and spamming amity. The reason I have to do this way is that I have to create a community and need to add all users to that community and later I can create more communities and add group of users or all users to those community depend on my need.

Second issue I am facing is setting Up avatar and role of a user that can’t be set in session api. For this I have to call update user api Amity API and lastly I have to call Amity API to add user to community.

It will spamming your APIs and I am hopeful that it don’t get blocked on rate limit as I don’t see any other option. May be you can guide me the better way on this or should I proceed with above flow?

Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.


Hello , @muhammad.nasir.ext

Sure! Let me check with my team and get back to you soon.

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Support team

Hello, you’ve followed the correct steps. To bulk create users, the recommended practice is to utilize the mentioned endpoint. Subsequently, you can update user details and added them in communities.

Note: Our API rate limit, allowing for a maximum of 10 calls per second per user.

Is this applicable on global admin users?

Yes, that’s correct. The same rule applies to all API calls, regardless of whether they are made by users or admins.