How to create user from API

How do I create new user from backend API instead of having to simulate a websocket connection?

Hey Martin,

You may create users via backend API simply by registering a user session which is equivalent to create user.

If the userId doesn’t exists, new user will be created.

POST​/api​/v3​/sessions Register a session [Include API Key}

“userId”: “string”,
“deviceId”: “string”,
“deviceInfo”: {
“kind”: “ios”,
“model”: “string”,
“sdkVersion”: “string”
“displayName”: “string”,
“authToken”: “string”

As for auth token param in the create session, you may use the API below to

GET[​/api​/v3​/authentication​/token] Get authentication token and include the server key in the X-Server-Key header

“userId”: “string”

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Is this documented in some way? if yes could you please help point to the correct documentation. I am trying to navigate through docs and I am getting quite lost.

Hi @sijanshs

You can find the informations about how to create a user right here:

Let me know if you need more guidance with the docs!

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