Expo - asc-react-native-ui-kit

Hi, I have built and included the asc-react-native-ui-kit’ into my Expo app.

Unfortunately when I add the AmityUiKitProvider, it provides me with a Error: Amity SDK (400300): Feature is not enabled and I cannot see anything in the app, its just blank.

I checked the console and i can’t create categories or channels in the communities area and it says feature not enabled.

I was expecting the UI kit to display. Can you help please?

Here are some details below if this helps.

(replaced with “guid” instead of the numbers and API key)

Error log:

LOG Subscribed to topic guid
LOG Subscribed to topic guid/smartfeed/guid/channels
LOG Subscribed to topic guid/smartfeed/guid/messagefeeds
LOG Subscribed to topic guid/smartfeed/guid/messages
LOG Subscribed to topic guid/user/guid
WARN Possible Unhandled Promise Rejection (id: 0):
Error: Amity SDK (400300): Feature is not enabled
Error: Amity SDK (400300): Feature is not enabled


import {
} from ‘@amityco/asc-react-native-ui-kit’;

return (

Hello, it could be that you have basic which only allow you to connect to the chat sdk. Please see the plan here: Pricing - Amity Social Cloud