Installation error: Could not resolve dependency

During the installation, I get the following errors when following tutorials and closing the example repo for react native.

npm error While resolving: amity-react-native-social-ui-kit@4.0.0-beta-11
npm error Found: react-native@0.72.15
npm error node_modules/react-native
npm error   dev react-native@"^0.72.4" from the root project
npm error
npm error Could not resolve dependency:
npm error peer react-native@"^0.70.13" from @amityco/ts-sdk-react-native@6.27.0
npm error node_modules/@amityco/ts-sdk-react-native
npm error   @amityco/ts-sdk-react-native@"^6.25.0" from the root project
npm error
npm error Fix the upstream dependency conflict, or retry
npm error this command with --force or --legacy-peer-deps
npm error to accept an incorrect (and potentially broken) dependency resolution.

Hello @jay , Regarding the issue you encountered, we need some additional information to help you further:

  1. The contents of your package.json file
  2. Your current Node.js version

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me,
Here’s the package.json content: { "name": "AmityReactNativeSocialUiKitExample", "version": "0.0.1", "pr -

I cloned this repo and followed the instructions in the readme file: GitHub - AmityCo/Amity-Social-UIKit-React-Native-CLI-OpenSource at ASC-23313-react-native-ui-kit-4-0-create-post-page-to-support-image-video

@jay Thank you for the information you provided. I’ll pass this to the relevant team to check, and if I have any updates, I will inform you.

@jay For further checking, could you please provide a screen recording of the error occurring when you run the project? This will help us understand the issue more clearly. Thanks!