Need only commented and liked posts

I want only posts in which i commented and liked? Can i get these posts in @amityco/ts-sdk?

Actuallay I have this type of flow in my app

Hello @anser786 , To address your issue, we suggest storing post IDs with reactions or comments in user metadata. This will allow you to build your feed. Please be mindful of the metadata limit when managing this list.

For any further queries or help with implementation, feel free to reach out to us.

okat thanks i try this

Hey , when i store post IDs in metadata i face metadata limit exceed issue 1000bytes so this is not helpful for me to store postIds in metaData

Hello @anser786 , Let me ask the relevant team if there are any other workarounds that can be implemented, and I will get back to you with an update.

Hello @anser786 , Regarding the issue you reported, our suggestion is indeed an option we recommend. You will need to manage your metadata, considering our specified limit. If it’s about to reach its capacity, you might consider removing older entries and then adding new ones as needed.