Content Search not including Post Ids from recent posts

I am trying to use content search to retrieve the posts with the most likes created in the last week. It seems like posts that were created a bit longer ago return in the API request, but posts recently created don’t seem to be included in the results.

targetType: “public”,
publicSearch: true,
createdAt: { gt:{ weeks: 1 }).toISO() }

{ reactionsCount: { order: “desc” } }

Size = 3

We’ve requested more information to your email.

Thank you,
Amity Support

Hi there, we appreciate your patience. We’ve been unable to reproduce this issue on our end. If you’re still encountering the problem, could you please provide us with the logs for the last three posts from the previous week that received the highest number of reactions? This information will greatly assist us in pinpointing the problem. Thank you for your assistance.

A few post Ids for the highest number of reactions in the past two weeks are 6513dfedc3aa9c8380d2b2ac, 64fffdfa7608e937d4ff99dc, 6513f2d99ad7186b381b856b (this list might be different because there are many posts with the same number of reactions i.e. 1 but it’s just for your reference) whenever I search using the provided query above, I get an empty array of post Ids. Also, I’m not sure where to access the logs that you mentioned.

Let me know if you need my apiKey or anything else that might be helpful

Thank you for providing additional info, we have passed it to our team to check this further.

Thanks, please let us know if your team figures out the issue.

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