Not able to get the source and follow status in getFollowers

async getFollowers() {
await UserRepository.Relationship.getFollowers({ userId: this.user.userId, status: ‘accepted’ },
({ data: followers, onNextPage, hasNextPage, loading, error }) => {
console.log(‘this is error’, error);
if (error) {
console.log(‘this is error’, error);
// Handle any errors that occur during retrieving data
if (loading) {
console.log(‘this is loading’, loading);
// Handle the loading state, e.g., show a loading spinner
if (followers) {
console.log(‘this is followers’, followers);
this.followers = followers;
this.hasMore = hasNextPage; // Update the hasMore flag
this.nextPageFn = onNextPage;

i’m using above function to get the followers list but only getting below information
“from”: “DR1408”,
“fromUserPublicId”: “DR1408”,
“fromUserInternalId”: “65d5f9f68daedc861b43dd45”,
“to”: “1a7822ee-fc07-495d-adf2-58c5c11bbce5”,
“toUserPublicId”: “1a7822ee-fc07-495d-adf2-58c5c11bbce5”,
“toUserInternalId”: “65bf6a6b1deb341378c42ca0”,
“status”: “accepted”,
“createdAt”: “2024-03-26T11:56:02.111Z”,
“updatedAt”: “2024-03-26T11:56:02.111Z”

i need user avatar and display name also in this object, same thing is happening in getFollowings
Please suggest some approach.

@kmayatwal After reviewing with our team, we’ve confirmed that the response you received is correct. We recommend using the returned userid to retrieve user information in order to obtain the display name and avatar. You can find more details in the documentation at the following links:

  1. Get User Information
  2. User API Documentation