Recent post should show in top of the new feed page

Recent post should show in top of the new feed page. its showing as last post now how to change recent post in top of the feed page.

Hi @ManiSabarish Are you referring to global feed?

Hi Team, i am calling this class

let myViewController: AmityCommunityHomePageViewController? = AmityCommunityHomePageViewController.make()
let myNavigationController = UINavigationController(rootViewController: myViewController!)
myNavigationController.modalPresentationStyle = .overFullScreen
self.present(myNavigationController, animated: true) {

Hi Team, yes i am referring global feed only.

@ManiSabarish Can you please share with us screenshots as well?

Hi Team i have uploaded screenshot please check

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Hi @ManiSabarish Can you search this keyword in your Xcode project? “sortBy”, the value should be like this sortBy: .lastCreated in “AmityFeedRepositoryManager”

Hi Team its going to global feed but there is not sortBy. please check and help me here i have attached screen shot also

@ManiSabarish The team will do further check on this, can you please send us your apikey and app region to this email ?