Token Expire?

What is the problem for Token Expire?

[log] >> Time took to initilize the DI 20 Milis
[log] *** Request ***
[log] uri:
[log] method: POST
[log] responseType: ResponseType.json
[log] followRedirects: true
[log] persistentConnection: true
[log] connectTimeout: 0:00:30.000000
[log] sendTimeout: 0:10:00.000000
[log] receiveTimeout: 0:01:00.000000
[log] receiveDataWhenStatusError: true
[log] extra: {}
[log] headers:
[log] content-type: application/json
[log] X-API-Key: b0e8cccccccccccccccccccccccc636b2c
[log] data:
[log] {“userId":"”,“deviceId”:“cc024370-2f9f-11ee-97c0-ed3a74ecd74e”,“displayName”:“Kobi Meridor a”}
[log] >>>>> Token Expire

I disable and its working
Enable secure mode

To implement with secure mode enabled please refer to this section: