Unread Message Count


I’m trying to get the unread message count for the channels with:

      { membership: "member" },
      (channels) => {
        console.log("response", channels);

this is my console log:

as you can see I have two Channel Objects in the response which is correct, but both Channels have unreadCount 0 but the first one has 1 unread message as shown in the screenshot.

Any ideea what I’m doing wrong?

Amity Client Version: v6.15.0-esm
@amityco/ts-sdk”: “^6.15.0”

Hello @lorandd , Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. To further investigate and address the matter effectively, we kindly request additional information from your end.

We will reach out to you via email shortly. Kindly check your inbox and provide the necessary details to assist us in resolving the issue promptly.

Thanks. I haven’t receive the email yet.

Hello @lorandd ,
Thank you for the information you provided. We have received your email, and I will pass this on to my team.

Hello, based on the issue you’ve encountered, we recommend upgrading your Amity UI Kit to Version 3.0 and You can find the migration guide and installation instructions in our documentation:

Migration Guide: Web UIKit v3.0 Migration Guide - Amity Docs
Installation Guide: Web UIKit Installation Guide - Amity Docs

Thanks. It seems that the Unread Count works now from my initial checks, but it is a bit disappointing that in order to be able to build the v3.0 source code we need a Pro FontAwesome subscription !?

But now the unread message count from the channel list doesn’t go away when I read the message. :frowning:

Could you please check if you have implemented this part: Mark Channel as Read - Amity Docs ?

I’m confirming with the team about the Pro FontAwesome subscription for you :slight_smile:

Something is still not ok. Before upgrading to v3 I didn’t had to call the markAsRead everything was working correctly (the unread count was disappearing from the UI after I clicked/read the channel messages)… except I couldn’t get the unread message count.

in v3.0 I can get the unread message count and even calling markAsRead the UI is still shows the unread count. Iterating through the ChannelRepository.getChannels( and getting all the channel.unreadCount it is still returning count number and also the Client.getUserUnread

So i’m a bit confused …

Hello @lorandd , Let’s me pass to check with my team and I’ll promptly update you as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Hello @lorandd , Regarding the issue you are facing, we would like to confirm with you again: are you encountering this problem only in the conversation channel?

I only use conversation channels at the moment haven’t tried others. Thanks

@lorandd Thank you for the information. I will forward it to our team for further investigation into your issue.

Hello @lorandd , We are targeting to resolve this issue in our upcoming release. We are aiming for a timeframe around this week to early next week. However, our commitment to ensuring the highest quality and accuracy means that this schedule may be subject to change. We will keep you informed of any updates. Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks for the update.

Do you have an update also on the need of FontAwesome Pro subscription ?

Hello @lorandd, please update to UIkit version 3.1

Regarding the FontAwesome Pro, we’ve already addressed this issue, so you shouldn’t encounter any more subscription problems.

Hey @amitysupport you mean v3.0.1 ?

Looking in the repo v3.0.1 is the latest version I don’t see the v3.1

Can you please clarify ?


Please try update to v3.1 , we will inform the team to update. Please let me know if you face any issue updating to this specific version.

Sorry but there is no v3.1 in the repo:

Noted, we have passed this to the team to look into, it should be updated correctly by tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenient caused.